ShotThumb {free}


Adobe Generator Plugin “ShotThumb” is Activity Tracker for Adobe Photoshop CC

Exporting JPG snapshot with timestamp.

Automated Backup PSD
50 photoshop actions to 1 PSD file.

Activity Monitoring
Tracking photoshop actions.

ShotLog Slide Show
Automated snapshots packaging.

Exporting JSON Data Format
Export moved layer name, coordinate and styles.

Credits: Takahiro Ishiyama


Zeick {$19.99}


Zeick - Photoshop CC plugin allows you export vector shape layers to SVG files.

Who need.
Web designers
UI designers
Why do you need it:
Small size 
Resizable (yap it’s vector)
How it works.
1. Select layers 
2. Click to Zeick Export button
all selected layers will be cropped and exported to separated SVG files 
Vector shape layers
Multiple layers export
Shape Color
Shape Gradient (beta)
Shape Stroke (beta)
Color overlay (beta)
Gradient overlay (beta)
Credits: Alexander Stotskii